[CROSBY MINT n.]  = Pure. One Point of Origin.


Through the vision of our great-grandfather, J.E. Crosby Sr., our farm has been producing unparalleled mint oil products through four generations. These signature oils have developed over a 100 year family tradition and have contributed to the rich history of the mint industry in Clinton County.















From left: 1st person: female family friend; 2nd person: Florence Crosby (great-aunt); 3rd female: Ethel See-Crosby (great-aunt by marriage); 4th male: family friend; 5th male: Chester Crosby (great-uncle); 6th person: female family friend; 7th person: Rachel Crosby (great aunt) 8th person: J.E. Crosby Sr (great-grandfather) holding Lawrence H. Crosby (grandfather) Far Left Side: young boy kneeling, family friend; Back row: tall male, family friend


Grown in St. Johns, Michigan, "Mint City, USA", one of the nation's premier growing regions for soil and climate, our mint is the finest quality available on the market today.  This 100% pure and natural essential oil is processed from the first harvest of the growing season, which will produce the highest grade oil available. Remember, no chemical additives...from one point of origin, Crosby Mint Farm.














Old Crosby Mint Distillery, circa 1925




Please consider these points when purchasing your essential oil:    


Where is the place of origin?  

What is the supplier's history?

Is this oil re-distilled?

Is this oil blended with any ingredients?

Is this oil synthetic?


The market today offers oils that may have been re-processed, which affects the healing properties of both peppermint oil and spearmint oil. Many times the oil has followed multiple points of origin, when "blending" occurs. Because of varying qualities of essential oil, over 90% of the mint oil produced in the United States is used in confectionery and flavoring.


















Original Mint Grove Farm


Our mint essential oil is 100% natural, pure, and has no chemical additives. This high grade essential mint oil is available to you, directly from the producer, Crosby Mint!



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